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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
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2 May 2015

Overland Park Sports Club: May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month!

Getting physically active while playing at an Overland Park Sports Club? Talk about right up my alley.

Take this quick quiz. See if you can guess how Kansas as a state does on physical fitness. You’ll find the answers at the end.  (No cheating)

Question: Can you match which percentage of Kansas residents are:

1. Obese: BMI of < 35-39.9

2. Overweight: BMI of < 25-29.9

3. Healthy weight: BMI of <18.5 -24.9

A. 35.73%

B. 20.74%

C. 35.53%

Now glance down at the end of this article. Are you surprised by the results? Where does your BMI place you? Figure it out here…

Divide your weight in pounds (lbs) by your height in inches (in) squared and multiply by 703.

Example: Weight = 150 lbs, Height = 5’5” (65”)

Calculation: [150/(65)2] x 703 = 24.96

My job is to convince people to work out at our Overland Park Sports Club. Personally, I believe that physical activity is one of the most important pieces of a fulfilling, happy, and long life. I enjoy exercise. I am in the range of normal weight. I played sports in my youth. Love them – never thought of it as exercise. How far have we come from the joy of playing? This month I challenge you all to go back to one thing from your youth that you enjoyed. Let’s be honest, there are many things to fear. Am I healthy enough? Who will I play with? Where will I find a team? I don’t even remember how to play! My job is hard enough with those fears to overcome. But I’m motivated because I see the need for people to enjoy exercise. What’s the magic promo? What’s the key to passing on the joy of being healthy? Why do we have to see statistic like the ones above? We are here to help.

What if I told you that for a nominal fee you would be provided with a fantastic 8 week all-inclusive program at our incredible Overland Park Sports Club?! You’ll get a skilled coach to teach you the rules, drills and to make sure you’re using correct form, you’ll be paired up with an equally matched partner (recreational – competitive), participation in a weekly scheduled game, as well as equipment if needed, incentives to continue to play, and as a bonus, a free t-shirt! Would you give it a try? Pick a sport. Any sport.

The Athletic Club of Overland Park offers multiple year-round leagues for all skill levels. Racquetball Leagues begin May 6th, and Volleyball Leagues being May 8th. You don’t need to have a team for the volleyball leagues. Just sign up and show up! Now’s your chance to visit a premiere Overland Park Sports Club and to remember how fun it is to PLAY! Break a sweat while cracking up! Surprise  your relatives with your MAD badminton skills at your summer reunion. COME ON AND PLAY! Nike got it right the first time, JUST DO IT!

Answers: 1.B, 2.A, 3.C