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22 Oct 2013

Overland Park Weight Loss Success Story

Overland Park weight loss successWho you are?
Michael Stone
Age: 44, married 12 years, no children but we do have a little dog
Occupation: Civil Engineering Designer for URS Corporation; 24 years of experience

Why do you exercise?
Bottom line: weight loss. I was tired of being fat and I didn’t want to buy anymore “stretchy” pants. I
needed to change. I ate all the wrong things and relied solely on yard work for exercise. Historically, I
would start a new diet and exercise plan annually (around January 1) and would return to my lazier
existence by March or April. I’ve had other gym memberships and I owned a basement full of “gently
used” exercise equipment. I eventually collected the whole set.

How did you become a member of the Athletic Club?
A colleague and I joined up at the same time, after Laura visited our office and made us a very
convincing pitch. I decided to give it three months to see if anything would be different this time. At
first, when I would go, I only played racquetball, shot baskets in the gymnasium, or watched movies in
the cardio theatre (treadmill at half speed). Until one day when Dakota suggested I take a group fitness
class taught by Trish. Her class made the biggest impact in my ability to start losing the weight.

What makes the Athletic Club different from your other experiences?
It’s the people: from the trainers to the staff and even the others members. Everyone is just so friendly.
I was so surprised when others called me by name and expressed encouragement to a seemingly perfect
stranger. (In hindsight: Maybe they just felt compelled to check on the red faced, sweaty fat guy that
didn’t look so good.)

What obstacles have you overcome?
In the beginning, I couldn’t attend class every day. My body wasn’t used to the workout. I couldn’t do
as many repetitions as the others, or pick up as much weight. I didn’t like it when the trainer called me
out for bad form or pushed me to run faster. My body ached all over and did for days after. I remember
thinking how cruel it was to make us climb those stairs, to leave the building, after such a hard workout.
But once the scale started to move and I started to see real results it dawned on me that that’s what had
been missing all those years. I needed someone to push me.

How do you feel now?
Transformed; I’ve lost 47 pounds and still going. I haven’t been this weight in 20 years. None of my old
clothes fit. I feel the majority of my weight loss came through exercise alone with little change in diet.
Perhaps it’s time for a stricter one. I keep thinking, at this rate, what I would look like in another year?
Classes are so much easier now. So to Trish et al, bring it! I enjoy going to the gym now and I can’t get

What are your exercise habits?
It’s all group fitness classes, 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday; Cycle, Muscle works, and
Kickboxing. I really do enjoy the boxing. Oleha is the toughest on Tuesday nights, Sarrisa and Caroline
add more cardio into their routines on Mondays and Fridays. The 60 and 90 minute cycle classes can be
brutal but Monica and Carol always find a way to make it fun and time passes quickly.
To the trainers and the staff: I’m forever grateful. –Michael.

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