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of Overland Park
2 Jan 2014

Shay’s Success Story with Kansas City Group Fitness Classes

Shay’s Success Story with Kansas City Group Fitness Classes:

I have had a battle with physical activity and a food addiction my whole life. As a child my parents always had me involved with something physical (basketball, dance, etc…) However, I never felt successful or competent in any of it, which made it hard and not fun! I had also been on every type of weight loss program you could imagine. I am certain that I have lost the same 100 pounds time and time again.

A few months before my 40th birthday I got scared! My health was starting to become a major concern and my physical activity was becoming limited because of weight and lack of movement. I decided at that time that I had to save my own life.

First I joined OA (overeaters anonymous). This helped me get to the root of my eating addiction and to use all the skills I already had to start providing myself with proper nutrition. I refused to do another diet, but I had to identify my triggers and address them and get comfortable with food.

After I lost a few pounds and felt a little more comfortable, a friend invited me to try Zumba. I was TERRIFIED that my body would not be able to do it…but I did it! This was my first successful attempt at physical activity.

The biggest part of my success came when I joined The Athletic Club in Overland Park. I have learned that I am so much stronger than I ever thought. The instructors have encouraged me beyond even what I thought was possible. I think in beginning the instructors believed I could do things before I believed it, and luckily I trusted their vision. Most of them know me by name which makes me feel part of the community here at TAC. Being a part of a health club community means that I need to be healthy.
I remember walking into the Kickboxing class for the first time. I had no idea what to expect which was good, because it was hard and I am not sure I would have tried had I known just how hard. Oleha, the instructor, simply said “if you are here for the class you need to run three laps for warm up”. I almost left. I have never run any amount of laps. But for some reason I thought if she thinks I can do it, I must be able to do it. And I did. For the first month after each class I told her I will be back next Tuesday for the next class. By making this promise to this complete stranger I felt accountable and I just kept coming back and she seemed genuinely glad that I was there. I am doing things that I had no idea my body could do before and loving every moment of it. The instructors always modify things for me if necessary and then when they think I have done it the modified way long enough they just tell me to do it the regular way and I do, because I trust them. I have never had an injury and the only pain I have had is the “hurt so good” pain you are supposed to have. They help me take such good care of myself

I have lost a total of 45 pounds in about 7 or 8 months with The Athletic Club. And it is not like any other weight loss I have ever had. I have actually had lots of fun losing it. I feel so strong and confident. I really didn’t start any of this to lose weight. I started it to stay alive with a good quality of life. The weight loss was a byproduct.
My advice to anyone is “don’t try to lose weight”. Try to have a good healthy quality life and most importantly don’t stop trying. It took me a long time to find a good fit for my needs, but I am so grateful to have found The Athletic Club, it is one of my happy places.