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11 Nov 2015

Smoothie Tips from Kansas City Gym

We all know smoothies are delicious but they can also be nutritious! And yes, there is system to making perfect smoothies! Kansas City Gym, The Athletic Club of Overland Park, will give you some great tips below!

  • The best and probably most important tip is to start with a good blender. All blenders are not created equal, therefore it is a good idea to invest in a blender with enough power for your needs. Blenders without enough power can make it difficult to chop through frozen foods.
  • Adding liquids to your blender first will help to blend easier.
  • Create the perfect trifecta! This can be achieved by using a protein, a healthy fat, and a fiber to make your smoothie healthy and delicious!
  • Try some frozen fruit to kick things up a notch. Using frozen fruit allows you to use fruit all year long that you may not be able to find fresh. You also do not have to use ice!
  • To make your smoothie as healthy as possible, do not use sweetened milks. Use an unsweetened milk, instead.
  • In fact, do not use added sugar at all! The fruits you are using already contain plenty of sugar. So skip the added sugar (or other sweetener) and add more fruit if need be. At least you will be getting more fiber that way!

Check out how you can build your own smoothie at Kansas City Gym, The Athletic Club’s Courtside Fresh Grill & Bar! Our smoothies are available daily for just $5.00! Below is how to build one of our smoothies.

  2.  Choose one of the following proteins: CHOCOLATE PROTEIN, VANILLA PROTEIN.
  3. You can add extra protein or ingredients for $1.00 each.

Stop by after a workout and grab a quick smoothie at Kansas City Gym, The Athletic Club! You can even order from the locker room so your smoothie is ready when you are!.