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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
7 Dec 2013

Southern Kansas City Weight Training Instructors

The Athletic Club of Overland Park is well equipped with Southern Kansas City weight training instructors. Weight training is an important part of any fitness regime. Weight training is essential for every fitness enthusiast for a variety of reasons, but you may be surprised to learn that weight lifting doesn’t just make you look great, it can help you feel better and be healthier as well. Check out all of the great reasons to weight lift below:

Weight Training helps you lose fat: That’s right! Lifting weights helps you lose fat without changing your diet or upping your cardio exercise. Lean muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat, therefore, by increasing muscle mass, you are also increasing your metabolism–—meaning that you can burn more calories faster!

Weight Training makes you strong: Lifting weights increasing your muscle mass, therefore everyday tasks (like carrying in groceries, moving boxes, etc.) will become easier as your muscles and bones become stronger.

Weight training reduces your risk of injury: Weight training, doesn’t just strengthen your muscles and bones, it also makes your ligaments and tendons stronger. Therefore, by strengthening your connective tissue, you help prevent your body from incurring injuries.

Weight training increases balance, stability, and flexibility: Lifting weights helps keep your body strong. Therefore, your strong and steady muscles help make sure you stay flexible and sturdy on your feet.

Weight training makes you feel better about yourself: Weight training improves your physical ability and your physical appearance! By looking better and feeling better many people notice substantial improvements in their mood and self-esteem after engaging in a consistent weight-lifting regime.

Weight training helps lower blood pressure: According to some studies, regular weight training can help reduce high blood pressure over time. As always, talk to your doctor before implementing any change in your blood pressure treatment regime.

It’s clear that weight training is good for your body, mind, and self-esteem, but how to get started? What better way than at the Athletic Club of Overland Park with one of our South Kansas City weight training instructors?