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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
3 Mar 2014

Spring is in the air… Join court sport leagues in Overland Park!

Spring cleaning may be in order- is your sporting equipment up to par?

The Athletic Club Pro Shop provides access to this year’s top and middle end racquets from E Force, Gearbox, Prokennex, Ektelon, and Head. Accessories, grips, gloves, balls, and goggles are also available. We also offer restringing and re-gripping services to keep your equipment in tip top shape. Items for Handball, squash, badminton, and table tennis are also available or can be ordered upon request.

Is your body ready for summer? Do you play golf? Softball? Tennis? Volleyball? Basketball? There is no better time than now to get your body ready for summer activities. When the temps are freezing cold… the court sport leagues in Overland Park are HOT!

• Did you know the swing in Handball is almost identical to the throw in softball? If you’ve played one you will adapt well to the other. Playing handball burns 500-1000 calories an hour and is an amazing full body workout.

• Did you know baseball players can benefit greatly by cross training with racquetball? The waist rotation, foot position, and swing are similar. Racquetball improves hand/eye coordination, foot work and agility.

• Did you know we host one of the only leagues in Kansas City that allow individual registrations? You do not have to have a team or be a member of the club to join. The next round of Volleyball leagues begin March 12-April 30. This is an A and B level volleyball league. Visit our website for registration information.

• Did you know high calorie burning sports/exercises are running, cycling, swimming, boxing, racquet sports (squash is #1!), dancing. We have ALL of those things right here, every day, just for you.

See the list of Group Fitness Classes for Cycling, Zumba, and Boxing offered here at The Athletic Club (we also have 60 other types of classes throughout the week)
The Athletic Club offers challenge courts for Racquetball and handball daily. Open gym times are available for Men’s and Women’s Basketball, badminton, Table Tennis (ping pong). Leagues are offered in Racquetball, Handball and Volleyball. Lessons and orientations are available in each of the 9 sports played here at The Athletic Club.

Spring is around the corner! Get moving and ready for the outdoor season by participating in court sport leagues in Overland Park.

Last Month Update!

February hosted the Winter Classic Racquetball Tournament/ Women’s Pro Irt tournament. The fast-paced, hard hitting action from players of all levels inspired many to pick up a racquet and play again. The Athletic Club offers lessons and clinics for players of all levels. Winter Leagues began in January and will run through March. Spring League will pick up from there to usher in summer.