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of Overland Park
12 Sep 2017

Stay-Healthy Tips for your Holiday Get-Togethers

As we turn the page on another summer gone by, we welcome autumn and all it’s wonders. Transitioning into fall after a weeks of a (mild) summer, we can really start to sense the gearing up in our lives.  School’s back in session, packing up the suitcase for next summer’s vacations, and planning holidays for our families. Shifting into our seasonal self can bring about stresses from summer’s spoils. Seasonal strain can pressure us away from our healthier habits and routines, here’s tips to ease the transition:

  • Plan to be on-the-move: Comfortable weather is suitable for most outdoor activities like taking a brisk walk on the trails, yard-work, & fall festivities such as corn mazes or pumpkin patches
  • Dress appropriately for the weather: Dress in layers and wear wind-resistant clothing
  • Fill up before holiday feasts: Make your favorite protein shake or eat a healthy snack to curb appetite and prevent overeating (we’re all guilty of it!)
  • Moderate portion sizes: Everything in moderation including moderation! Don’t let your eyes dictate your stomach but don’t deprive yourself of a tasty treat.
  • Keep your objectives close to heart: Always remind yourself of your goal and keep it at the forefront of your mind. Positive reinforcement works by reminding you of your achievements and progress.
  • Hosting a party: Offer low-sugary foods and treats at your house; healthy halloween alternatives for giveaways such as pretzels, trail mix or small toys. Dress your hearty options in festive packaging!
  • Rethink your drink(s): Alcohol not only inhibits your judgement but your sugar intake too! Watch out for the liquid calories; they add up quickly!
  • Eat mindfully: Give thanks for the time with your family, chew slowly, put the fork down and most important, put down your phone!