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2 Jan 2017

Staying Warm in Cold Weather

Hello friends, and Happy New Year! As we have all seen lately, this weather doesn’t want to make up it’s mind. It’s freezing one day, and like Spring the next! This makes it difficult to dress for the season, but one thing is for sure, when it IS cold, it is very cold! If you have lived here for long, or even grew up here, you can attest to that. We haven’t gotten much snow yet, but as the new year begins, we will likely see more of our brisk and frosty friend. I posted a blog recently about avoiding hypothermia, and wanted to follow that up with another about staying warm. The two go hand in hand.

One of the best and most common ways to stay warm is layering. This may seem obvious, but I do see a lot of people walking around like it’s still Summer, wearing short sleeved shirts and shorts. Making sure the core of your body is warm is the most important. Many sports companies make thermal and long underwear lines that are specifically made for Winter weather. Also, covering up your pulse points helps. Wearing a hat, a scarf, gloves, leggings or long socks will help keep all parts of your body covered. This is also important for avoiding hypothermia, as your feet and hands are most likely to experience this first.

Another good way to keep yourself warm is by winterizing your home. There are plenty of cheap and do it yourself methods that you can try! One fun and easy option is to block any excess breeze or ventilation with a pool noodle. You can cut one of these in half and wrap them in a piece of fabric with a noodle half on either side and excess fabric in the middle to make it easy to slide under any door. These work great! Since heat rises, you can turn a ceiling fan on a low setting going clockwise. This will push the air back down into the room. You can add or change the curtains to something made of wool or fleece. Lastly, when you are sleeping, make sure the fluffy blankets are closer to your skin. Thicker, more heavy blankets should be on top to keep heat from escaping.

Finally, I always try to make sure I am prepared in every way during the Winter. Keep extra blankets, scarves, gloves and clothing in your car in case of an emergency. A first aide kit would also be helpful, along with water and calorie rich foods. The CDC has a Winter Weather checklist that is helpful to take a look at.

You can access this at:

Eating more, drinking hot liquids, leaving your oven open after using, keeping moving and making sure all of your vents are free from obstructions are also simple ways to keep warm!

Thanks so much for joining me this week! Have a safe and Happy New Year! Don’t forget to stay positive and LOVE YOUR LIFE!!

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