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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
24 Nov 2013

Stephanie’s Success Story With Overland Park Lunchtime Group Fitness Classes!

Stephanie’s Success Story With Overland Park Lunchtime Group Fitness Classes:

I’m so excited to be a Success Story for The Athletic Club! It has exceeded my expectations and, literally, changed my life. I joined the Club about a year ago through my company’s wellness program. I live in KCMO and had reservations about joining a gym in Overland Park because I was afraid it wouldn’t be convenient and I’d never go. Fortunately, I had some co-workers that invited me to join them at lunch. In the past, I’d worked out after work so this was a switch for me – one that has turned out to be great. I had not worked out regularly in over a year when I joined, so my workouts started in the cardio room. But, it didn’t take long for me to try one of Trish’s Muscle Works classes…and then I was hooked! She is so encouraging and will modify any workout depending on a person’s fitness level. Plus, she pushes you when she knows you can handle it but you might doubt yourself! I have always enjoyed Kickboxing and Yoga so I tried those as well. Friday’s Kickboxing class with Denise will challenge anyone, and the noon Yoga on Wednesdays with Airam is great for athletes that want to increase flexibility. If I’m not in a noon class, I try to switch things up from spinning to jogging to swimming. I love that the Club offers so many choices and that it is all included in your membership fee! And, you will not find a gym anywhere that offers this much for the price!

Most people tend to measure success by amount of weight lost. And while that is a great thing, I am excited about other successes as well. In the year that I’ve been with the Club, I have lost 25 pounds and inches in my waist, hips, thighs and arms. But, more exciting to me is that I’ve become much stronger, more energetic, less stressed and happier! I am most proud of the fact that since September, I have run three 10k races and am starting to train for a 10-miler….when I started at the Club, I couldn’t even jog for 3 minutes! Fitness has now become a priority in my life and I miss it if I don’t do it every day. My diet has also completely changed in that I no longer deprive myself of things, but I eat smaller portions and more often throughout the day. I’ve stopped seeing food as a reward or consolation and see it now as fuel and an energy source. Educating yourself is also important – I had no idea the results I could see with simple changes like reducing my salt intake and drinking more water!

If you’re looking to get started at The Athletic Club, my advice is to try something new (time of day you work out, a group class, etc.), don’t be intimidated, and be patient. Everyone is welcoming and excited to see new faces. And if you stick it out, you are guaranteed to see results. It will take time but there is no better feeling than walking out of a class where you used to struggle and realizing that now you’re having fun!