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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
7 Sep 2013

Success at Overland Park Gym

Jim Detar joined Overland Park gym,  The Athletic Club in 2010 through his company’s Wellness Program. The membership rate was so appealing he decided to make the change from his workplace gym where he had been doing cardio exercise. He enjoyed the personal aspect of the club. He said even now he feels like the atmosphere is much more friendly. The staff, trainers, and members seem to genuinely care about those working out around them.

Upon joining he was set up with a personal trainer to go over general exercises on weight machines and the weight room. The trainer asked his goals. His original goal was to be stronger. He began working with a trainer 1x a week for 3 months. He saw improvement in his strength and reached his goals. He realized that his focus had changed over that time. His goals had also shifted from being stronger to “I want to look good”. He continued to work with a trainer because he found their coaching, motivation, accountability, and knowledge to be very important to his success. He needed someone to help him do the work. He works out 5x a week at the Athletic Club and continues to work with a trainer on a limited basis. He meets for pictures, measurements, program revision, and attitude evaluation 1x every 6 months.

Jim has seen success and maintained his appearance and positive attitude. Over the years he has spent a good deal of time observing people and the changes they were making (or not making). He gave some sound advice to share with anyone looking to make a lifestyle change.

1) JUST START! Set up a plan and no matter what happens or how life gets involved- stick to it. he put the time on his calendar. Even if he walked in the gym and only had 15 minutes of the planned hour he would check in do something. He would track how many times he came in each month. It didn’t take long to see results. They were incremental and came when he was practicing consistency.

2) SET NEW GOALS TO WORK TOWARDS! When he would reach a goal he would immediately be looking for the next goal. He enjoys volleyball so he would sign up for leagues or tournaments. He would pay to ensure he would show up on the designated days and get his workout for that time. He wanted to have a REASON TO STAY IN SHAPE!

3) EATING IS A BIG DEAL! He strongly believes that diet is extremely important to success. PLAN! You have to have a plan for how you will eat every day. Pack food, snacks, prepare dinners ahead of time, shop and keep healthy food around you all the time. Otherwise when you get hungry all you have to choose from is what’s available- not usually the healthy stuff. He is a big supporter of bringing your own food wherever you go.

4) SET YOUR OWN MEANS OF MEASURING SUCCESS! What motivates you to see change? Waist measurements, body fat%, cholesterol number, blood pressure number? What is it that you really- honestly want. The number on the scale may be the original motivation but when it comes down to it – there is likely something different that you really want.

Jim ended the interview with 5 powerful words that we could all adopt and allow to sink in. They are freeing, true, and gracious to anyone looking to start a plan for better health. They are words that we all should hang up on our fridge or tack to our reminder board.

“The Rest are Just Details”