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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Oct 2015

Success at The Athletic Club

Thanks to The Athletic Club, I am back to looking and feeling as energized as I did when I joined my first gym at age 19. I am as energized as I was teaching aerobics classes at age 25, which was more than half my life ago – I will be 52 years old on March 27th. I’m blessed to have the means to work out at The Athletic Club of Overland Park as often as possible in order to reach my goals. I recently bought a bikini for this summer and can’t wait to wear it!!!

For the past nine years I have suffered chronic plantar fasciitis on both feet. It took multiple medical efforts to try to alleviate it, but to no avail. I had to wear orthotic shoes exclusively and crocks on my feet when I wasn’t wearing my orthotic shoes. I was advised to never go barefoot again. I felt the only way I could ever work out again was to take aqua aerobics classes. I gained weight and sorely missed all dance, step, and floor exercise classes.

January of 2012, I re-joined The Athletic Club due to the vast variety, dates, and times offered for group aqua classes. I enjoyed them very much but still missed the group floor exercise classes. This past Oct. of 2012, I started dieting and going to The Athletic Club on a daily basis, using various machines, free weights and slowly working my way into floor exercise classes, watching everything I ate, as well. By Thanksgiving I was noticeably thinner and more energized. I started getting lots of compliments, which was fuel for the fire, and managed to keep losing weight through the holiday season. Thus far I have gone from a size 12 to a current size 4. I love how I look and feel, especially now that I have begun sculpting even more, through the use of kinetic resistant bands. I feel so much stronger and have much more physical endurance than I have had in years.

I don’t know how much weight I have lost because I am not a firm believer in scales, due to bodily fluctuations and various scale differences. To me, it’s the dress size changes that really matter. I have always been active, growing up taking traditional dance classes, cheerleading, coaching gymnastics, and was a KC Chiefs Chiefette. At age 40, I started back taking tap and jazz dance lessons and was involved in recitals with my daughter. After a lifetime of being fit, one can only imagine how it made me feel to spend 9 years with painful feet and weighing much more than I ever had! I have to say that I’m fairly sure the only sure way for me to get rid of chronic foot pain is to take off the weight. I sure wish I had this mind set nine years ago.

I absolutely love being a member of the Athletic Club! It has become a big part of my life, is just the right size club to get to know everyone, and it feels like a small tight knit community of instructors and staff, as well. I am more motivated than ever to keep my weight off and stick with my at least 90% intake of nutritious and whole foods. I would definitely recommend this gym to everyone. It’s made a wonderful difference in my life.

Penny Johnson