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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
5 May 2017

Success Story- Mike Stone!

Spreading the Love with Group Fitness

It’s been four years since I dropped over 50 pounds. Best of all, I’ve been able to keep it off with the help of my friends at the Athletic Club of Overland Park. I’m constantly reflecting back on that day Laura and Melissa visited my company peddling corporate memberships. I’m very fortunate they came to me as I can assure you I wasn’t in the market for a gym membership. I shudder to think what shape I would be in now if they hadn’t. Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you and help you take the first step.

A few months after joining, I quickly discovered that the group fitness classes were going to be the key to making my weight loss goal. Imagine a crowded room where you can stand in the back, anonymously workout surrounded by strangers listening to music, simultaneously being lead through different exercises with a caring and compassionate instructor. Now let me pop that bubble. First of all everyone does learn your name no matter the class size and the instructors really do care. They care to keep you moving and to finish all the exercises in the time allowed. They can be compassionate when they say: give me eight more. I’m still in awe to witness these instructors teaching in a group setting but still focusing on each individual. Monica calls it: coaching. (Lots and lots of personalized coaching.)

Over the years my gym schedule has had to shift to fit into my life but, with so many classes offered throughout the day, I’ve been able to keep the momentum going. I’m particularly fond of the kickboxing classes. It’s so satisfying to make it through class and there’s little doubt the day’s calories were shredded when finished. Not to take anything away from the other classes like: Muscle works, cycle, ripped abs, and yoga. They all burn too and will remain in my weekly rotation. There’s just something about punching and kicking that bag that seems to keep me calm when cut-off in traffic or when an office associate is being a total knob. We can’t force them to be better people but we can go to Kickboxing.

All the group fitness classes are incredible workouts. The trainers help the time pass quickly and make class fun even when it isn’t easy. I would like to thank my “care” givers: Monica, Razak, Gary, Paula, Leslie, and Danny. To anyone who hasn’t tried a group fitness class: I believe in you so take the next step… and give me eight more.

T. Michael Stone