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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
overland park swimming lessons
20 Jun 2013

Swimming in Overland Park this Summer!

The Overland Park Athletic Club offers a wonderful swimming facility for all of your pool and spa needs.

Swimming in Overland Park had never been easier as we help our Athletic Club members find their paradise a little closer to home than they expected. Our pool is 25 meters and four lanes, equipped with a hot tub and lawn chairs- perfect for devoted swimmers and sunbathers alike.

However thanks to the Overland Park Athletic Club swimming in Overland Park isn’t just an activity that is reserved for the summer months. During the winter, the Overland Park Athletic Club is covered with a state-of –the-art climate controlled dome. Members of the Athletic club can enjoy swimming in Overland Park all year round.

Whether you crave solo swim time, or you like a social swimming environment, the Overland Park Athletic Club can cater to your needs. While swimming by yourself is always an option, the Overland Park Athletic Club also offers group swim activities. Our group swim aquatic fitness classes include Watermovers (once a week), Aquarobics (four times a week), 3D Aqua (once a week), H20 Hover (three times a week), and Aqua box (three times a week). A great opportunity to look hot (and get hotter) while you cool down.

Our water based group fitness glasses are a great way for our members to socialize, get in shape, and cool off while swimming in Overland Park.

Swimming at Overland Park Athletic Club is also a great way to get your kids off the couch and into action. They are welcome at the Overland Park Athletic Club pool facility to play, swim, and exercise. The Athletic Club of Overland Park is perfect for families, offering something for everyone- let dad work out, mom catch some rays, and the kids play in the pool. With swimming in Overland Park at Overland Park Athletic Center, who says paradise can’t be home?