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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Jan 2017

Swimming vs. Walking/Running

Is there one that is better for you? Should I stop swimming and start running since I am not losing weight? These are all questions that we ask when we put in the hard work in order to look and feel good.

These answers are quite simple. They are both very beneficial forms of cardio and can both help you lose weight when done correctly. Swimming is a great way to cool off while also working your muscles in a way that is very stress-free on the joints in the body but there are other forms of cardio outside of the pool that aren’t stressful on the joints as well such as the bike, elliptical and ARC Trainer in which the pounding of the ground is taken out and you are in one fluent-moving motion at your own speed and resistance. Walking and running are great forms of cardio since this is the most common form of how we move around in our everyday lives.

So is swimming better than walking or running? Not necessarily but if you have mobility problems, knee issues or anything of that nature the resistance of the water is contact free and gives you the resistance needed to build muscle. No matter what form of cardio you choose the key is to keep your body guessing. If you have sustained the same routine for months and months upon end, your body will get used to those same motions and routines. Switching up what you are doing shocks your body giving you the changes you would like to see.

Try mixing in some different cardio aspects in your daily routine. If you are used to swimming all the time, don’t give up on swimming but better yet swim for less time then switch over and use the bike or elliptical, and swim in a different style than what you are used to doing. It’s a new year and time to try some new things to see the results you want!