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of Overland Park
25 Jan 2017

Table Tennis Facts

Have you ever thought about trying this fun and very challenging sport? Trademarked in 1901 by J. Jaques & Son, Ltd., this old school parlor game is widely popular all over the world! Originally called ‘whiff-whaff’ and played by the upper class as an after dinner activity, table tennis or ping pong has been around since at least the 1860’s, when British military officers played makeshift versions of this game to pass the time in India.

With 222 member associations, it is said that an upwards of roughly 300 million people play this sport worldwide. These numbers vary with players contributing from all different ages, commitment and skill levels. In a recent article published by and based off of figures provided by the ‘Active people survey’, it was estimated that roughly 102,000 people play at least 30 minutes every week, with the numbers steadily rising!

This sport is not only fast paced, intricate and governed by all sorts of rules and regulations, but it has many vital health benefits too. One of the best benefits in my opinion is that playing this sport keeps your brain sharp and improves hand-eye coordination! Placement, speed and spin on the ball are most important in this sport, and helps to stimulate your mental acumen. A report by ‘Alzheimer’s weekly’ stated that playing table tennis has been known to increase the blood flow to your brain, resulting in increased motor skills and cognitive awareness with a possibility of preventing dementia.

Table tennis is also a great way to bond with family members, make friends and meet new people! It is a highly sociable sport that draws crowds from all different creeds and backgrounds. You can expect to get into much better shape and lose weight as well. The average person weighing in at 150 lbs can burn approximately 272 calories per hour!

Come out to The Athletic Club and try out this sport any time! We have experienced veterans who play here regularly, some of whom also offer coaching services. There are open play times every week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at varying times. You can find this and more information on our website by clicking this link –

Thank you for joining me this week! Stay warm out there! Don’t forget to stay positive and LOVE YOUR LIFE!

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