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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Oct 2015

Table Tennis near College Boulevard- The Athletic Club of Overland Park’s Featured Sport of the Week!

Table Tennis
The Athletic Club of Overland Park features leagues of table tennis near College Boulevard that play 5 nights per week all year round. With brackets for all ages and skill levels our seasoned organizers match up club members with competitors comparable to their skill level.

The table tennis near College Boulevard is a sporting sensation at The Athletic Club of Overland Park and has been played internationally since the 1880s. As our featured sport, The Athletic Club of Overland Park wanted to give you some fun facts about this very popular, multigenerational game we like to call, Table Tennis:

    • The origins of table tennis have been dated to the early 1880s, when British soldiers abroad would play a game called “Royal Tennis.” During which they would use cigar lids and corks for paddles and balls in order to pass the time.
    • In 1887, the first use of the name “Table Tennis” appeared on a board and dice game.
    • In 1900, the celluloid balls were introduced to replace rubber and cork ones, the switch to rubber balls became instrumental in Table Tennis’s success.
    • In 1901 Table Tennis was introduced in China via western settlement (where the sport would soon become an international sensation)
    • The first World Championships for Table Tennis were held in London, England in 1926.
    • Rong Guotuan (CHN) became the the first Chinese world champion in any sport when he won the World Table Tennis Championships in 1959
    • The only true difference between ping pong and table tennis is that ping pong is a trademark and table tennis is the name of the sport (kind of like Kleenex and tissue).
    • table tennis is an Olympic sport
    • For general use, the tabletop board may be made of any continuous material, so anything goes – such as plywood, particle board, metal, plastic etc. But for major tournaments only wood or wooden derivates are allowed.
    • ITTF approved tables must be blue or green

Pick up a paddle and start your career of table tennis near College Boulevard today! To learn more about table tennis leagues that The Athletic Club of Overland Park, click here>>

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