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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
28 Jul 2015

The Athletic Club has a Kansas City Indoor Track

Searching for a Kansas City indoor track? Look no further! The Athletic Club of Overland Park is all that you have been searching for and more.

Do you find it frustrating when you want to run but it’s cold, raining, snowing, or even blistering hot? That is bound to happen living in Kansas. However, there is a simple solution! Consider utilizing a Kansas City Indoor Track! It will help you escape the elements outdoors and allow you to never miss a run. Check out some of the benefits of a Kansas City indoor track.

  • You can run a greater distance- The Athletic Club offers a specially designed low-impact surface that isn’t hard on your hips or knees. This will make it easier for you to run longer and lower your risk of injury.
  • You can run year-round- With an indoor track, you can run no matter what the weather is like!
  • It can improve your mind- The powerful levels of serotonin hormones that are released during a run can help elevate your mood and fight depression! Running is a great mechanism for reducing stress and anxiety as well.
  • Running can improve your health- Running can boost your immune system, lower risk of blood clots, and increase your levels of good cholesterol. Furthermore running can increase your lung function and use!
  • You can practice speed work- Unlike a treadmill that requires you to manually change your speed, an indoor track allows you to control your own speed.
  • You will need fewer running outfits- Indoor tracks are always a comfortable temperature, allowing you to wear your normal workout gear.
  • You can have better visibility- Unlike running outdoors, indoor tracks always have good visibility, even at night or early morning.

Those are just a few reasons why you may want to consider running on an indoor track. The same are true for those who prefer to walk! The Athletic Club offers a 1/16 of a mile indoor track. Stop by and see it today!