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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Oct 2015

The Athletic Club provides Cardio near Lenexa: Why Cardio Matters

From treadmills to zumba the Athletic Club of Overland Park offers of variety of of options for access any variety cardio near Lenexa.

Cardio is a great form of exercise for inducing a thumping heart and breaking a sweat, but do you really know why it is so important for your physical health?

The Athletic Club is here to help, with some fun facts about how cardiovascular exercise can change your life!

    • Heart – Cardiovascular reduces the risk of heart disease. As the number one killer in America, heart disease deserves to be taken seriously. In addition to eating right and sleeping well cardio exercise is extremely important in fighting heart disease.


    • Lungs- Cardiovascular exercise increases your lung capacity, the larger lung capacity you have the easier it is for your to process oxygen and the less tired you get from daily activities.


    • Figure- Cardiovascular exercise is one of the quickest ways to burn calories, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that burning calories helps you maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore cardio also increases your metabolism, making it possible for you to burn more calories while you are in a resting position.


    • Emotions- Doing cardiovascular exercise enables your pituitary gland to produce endorphins in your brain, which increase your mood and add to a feeling a well-being. The more cardiovascular exercise you do, you will be healthier, look great, and also feel happier.


  • Over all health- in addition to preventing heart disease and improving your lungs cardio also decreases your risk of diabetes, improves your sleeping pattern, and increases bone mineral density.


Cardiovascular exercise can be achieved through a variety of exercises, some of which include using an elliptical machine, running, playing a sport, dancing, kick-boxing, and zumba. Even walking briskly can constitute as cardio exercise. Thanks to the Athletic Club of Overland Park accessing cardio near Lenexa has never been easier.

Cardio is so important! Let the Athletic Club of Overland Park help kick-start your workout!