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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Jan 2015

There are Volleyball Leagues in Kansas City, and then there are leagues at the Athletic Club.

Volleyball Leagues in Kansas City used to scare me. I had played before and enjoyed the fun workout, but it had been years and I wasn’t convinced it was for me anymore. Sure it’s a spectacular way to have fun while annihilating a ton of calories and working every muscle on you, but I was still scared of it. I was sure the ball was going to smack me right in my money-maker, or worse that I wouldn’t know how to play as well as my teammates. When I heard the term volleyball I immediately thought of the cast of Baywatch flinging themselves towards the ball and leaping 10 feet into the air to spike it at 90 miles an hour…you see, only the super athletic play volleyball, right? Wrong!!

I had heard of friends who played with various volleyball leagues in Kansas City, and was also well aware of their complaints associated with their groups. They were sick of scrambling to find backups, and even worse if they wanted to play they had to track down enough players to form a team on their own. It was a pain in their rear. Well as luck would have it I noticed a sign up at our athletic club one day, and in ginormous blue letters it screamed, “Looking for a Volleyball League in Kansas City?” Umm no, but still I read on…

Volleyball leagues at The Athletic Club are one of a kind – it’s the only league in Kansas City that allows individual players to sign up! That’s right, no more searching for five other players or finding subs every week. Just show up and play! Leagues run year around.

All they asked of you was to sign up, and show up. No more of this annoying “arrange your own stinkin’ team” drama, so I said what the hay, and I gave it a try. I could use more exercise and fun in my life, and if it didn’t work out, well I wouldn’t be breaking any hearts. Well I loved it! LOVED IT! Looooove! Pardon my enthusiasm but it’s seriously a blast. My teammates were fun and each time we played someone was always cracking up, and nobody hit me in the face with the ball. We’re having a good time and staying active simultaneously. I’m hooked. My recommendation is to check out the volleyball leagues in Kansas City, and then see what the leagues at the Overland Park Athletic Club bring to the table. Every eight weeks, a new league starts, so there’s always something happening there! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.