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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
25 Aug 2015

These Sports Are Not ‘Off The Wall’ – Overland Park Table Tennis and Badminton

Yes, The Athletic Club of Overland Park has the most racquetball and handlball playing members in Kansas City. Envision 2-4 people running around a court hitting balls off the wall. Well the Athletic Club near Metcalf Road in Overland Park, is home to 2 successful sports that are not “Off the Wall”: Table Tennis and Badminton.

Remember setting up an old wooden table tennis table in the garage or a tight corner in the basement? Well, we’ve come a long way, baby. The Athletic Club is home to one of the few and most competitive organized Overland Park table tennis groups. This Overland Park table tennis group welcomes beginners and will challenge the most advanced.

The Athletic Club has reserved time in its gym three days a week for up to 12 table tennis tables to be rolled out and ball stopping partitions erected. We welcome this group and the members who join to play.

Remember playing badminton in the backyard and the birdie getting caught in the trees? Or with the court being set up on a hill because that was the only place a badminton court could be placed? At The Athletic Club, you can play on one of 4 courts officially marked for badminton – singles or doubles, no trees, no hills!

Several days a week badminton players come from all over Kansas City to participate with other beginners and competitive players ranked in the US. The Athletic Club is host to Overland Park’s premier badminton players and we welcome you to join the group.

Please stop by or call Laura Bollinger at 913-383-9060 to find out how to get involved.

Overland Park table tennis and badminton may not be the sports that first come to your mind, but you liked them as a kid and you’ll enjoy getting back in to the swing of it as an adult.