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of Overland Park
4 Jan 2018

Tips to Help You Complete Your New Years Resolution

Chances are you have made a resolution before and broken it. So here we are, another new year and you have made the decision to change your life! Don’t waste any time! Walk through the gym doors and go for it!

Here are some ways to keep your resolution of getting fit:

  • Have a plan. Don’t just walk into a gym and go for the first thing that catches your eye. Make a detailed plan and schedule to follow! It is also important to set goals for yourself!
  • Set goals, write them down and make them specific, attainable, measurable and timely.
  • Hire a personal trainer for motivation and direction. A mentor may have some useful advice and training tips. You could even ask your friends if they want to chip in and hire a trainer for a group session
  • Be patient and realistic change doesn’t happen overnight take it easy in the beginning. Think of it as a lifelong commitment
  • Don’t keep your resolutions secret, tell friends and family to receive encouragement and support
  • Focus your workout on the human movement patterns. Ex: Push, pull, hinge, squat and carry
  • Strength train at least three times per week. Ex:  Squats, deadlifts, rows, overhead presses, pull ups. These exercises build muscle and help melt belly fat
  • Reward yourself once you have reached goals.
  • Be prepared for lapses. Everyday is a new day to start over. Recognize that you got sidetracked.
  • Sleep 7 hours a night to optimize muscle recovery and keep body fat low.
  • Forget counting calories this year and make it your goal to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Talk yourself through it find your mantra to help you get through your tough workout. Part of shaping your body is shaping your mind.