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of Overland Park
26 Nov 2017

Tips to Make Your Shopping Trips Healthier

Changing up your eating habits can be daunting, but it is doable and with some tips to make it easier for you – make a few different choices for healthier meals during your shopping!

First make a list, plan ahead and decide what you need before you go shopping. Planning ahead can save you time, money and stress! You are more than likely to purchase more when you are hungry; impulse purchases are hard to resist. Stick to your list!

Shop the perimeter of the store! Produce is usually placed at the perimeter of the store. Strive to choose a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Think variety, for example instead of white potatoes have sweet potatoes which are loaded with beta carotene. Skip the center aisles where the junk foods are stocked.

Read the package labels for the list of ingredients, that are listed in order of predominance. The ingredient that is listed first is the one that weighs the most. Strive to choose a short ingredient list and stick to the ingredients you can pronounce.

Choose the least processed foods, be wary of fortified foods because they have the least nutrition and are highly refined. Check for high fructose corn syrup and try to avoid those food items. Instead, search for low trans fat, sodium and cholesterol and more vitamins A, C and E. Choose at least 4 grams of fiber per serving, calcium, magnesium and iron.

Happy shopping!