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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
18 Jan 2018

Tips to Stay Healthy During the Winter

With shorter days and winter weather, finding the motivation to stay fit can be difficult and that can lay the foundation for a weakened immune system.

The chilly and unpleasant days can make it difficult to find the motivation to venture out.

Here are some ways to stay healthy this winter:

  • If you are struggling to find the motivation to workout, plan your exercises in advance. Plan to do workouts that will have you up and moving! You can even listen to upbeat music to help yourself!
  • Head to a sauna or steam room, if you find yourself experiencing depression or high levels of stress. A sauna or steam room can help. It helps relieve tight muscles and the heat helps detoxify the body.
  • Add more omega three fatty acids to your diet. These are healthy fats naturally found in food such as salmon, eggs, they are great for reducing joint pain and stiffness because they are a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Sleep longer and better. Try to go to bed earlier to give your body enough rest when it needs it the most.