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28 Dec 2017

How To Train For Your 1st 5K

It is almost a new year and if you are anything like me, you have thought about what resolutions you can make to make 2018 the healthiest year yet. Like most people, I have said that I will eat better and exercise more. But one thing that I am really going to try and do is run a 5K.

I have been a part of different 5Ks before, but I never really trained or took it serious and ended up walking most of the way. But in 2018, I really want to try and compete in a 5K. However, as a novice runner, I have no idea how to start to train for my first 5K. So, naturally, I took to the internet to see what I could find. There are many things that I learned, and I would like to share those with people that might be in the same boat as me!

The first thing you need is a good pair of running shoes! Visit stores that are specific to running. The employees at those stores are able to help you find what type of shoe will best help you reach your goals. It is also important to have socks that are seamless and have good moisture management to help prevent blisters.

Now that you have a good pair of shoes, it is time to start! You should always start with a good warm up. Dynamic stretching is a good warm up for running. These stretched could include lunges with a twist or high kicks. Try to find something that works best for you!

Now it is time to run! First off, as a beginner, you should worry about time, not distance. The first week of training should just be spent jogging or walking for about 20 minutes, 2-3 times. It is important to space out those days so your body has time to recover. Then as you get more comfortable, increase your time, but it is important to keep a comfortable pace. Remember, it is okay to take walk breaks! One to five minute breaks are okay, just don’t stop moving!

After your run, don’t just stop! Walk for a few minutes to cool down. Then it is very important to stretch again. Stretching after a run can help prevent injuries. Be sure to focus on your quads, hamstrings and back. Ease in to the stretch and hold it for 30-45 seconds. Then replenish your muscle energy by drinking chocolate milk which is packed with carbohydrates and protein!

I hope that these helpful tips will help motivate you to start running and maybe compete in some 5Ks of your own!

Happy New Year!