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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
7 Aug 2013

Volleyball League in Overland Park

After a long summer break, it’s time to get out the kneepads again and come play in the volleyball league in Overland Park in the air-conditioned comfort of The Athletic Club!!
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That’s right, coed volleyball league in Overland Park is officially starting up again at the Athletic Club. We will be playing games at the A and B level, as we did not have enough players to sign up for the recreational C level.

The volleyball league in Overland Park starts Wednesday, September 4 and will continue on every Wednesday with the exception of Wednesday, September 11.

A summer Olympic sport since 1964, the volleyball league in Overland Park at the Athletic Club is a great way to get involved with other members of the Athletic Club and stay fit.

One of the many perks of being a member of the Athletic Club of Overland Park is participating in our sports leagues. (To learn more about our other sports leagues click here) In addition to having fun with friends, volleyball also offers some other serious health benefits.

Volleyball is a great way to burn calories through cardiovascular exercise. Just 45 minutes of volleyball can burn over 585 calories (

Volleyball is also fantastic for improving the muscular system. Besides the obvious improvement of arm muscles, the body movement in volleyball also results in a strengthening of the core and leg muscles.

As if building muscle wasn’t enough playing volleyball can also improve your metabolic rate, making it easier for you to burn calories even when you aren’t actively trying to.

Participating in the volleyball in Overland Park on Wednesday nights is a great way to socialize with other members, build muscle, have fun, and lose weight! The deadline for signing up is August 17 so don’t wait! Register to play volley ball at the Athletic Club of Overland Park today!