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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
28 May 2013

Wallyball at The Athletic Club of Overland Park is Making a Comeback!

What in the world is Wallyball? It’s actually a fun, fast paced game similar to volleyball, only played in a walled court instead of in a traditional volleyball space. The walls and ceiling become part of the game, so you know this game’s gotta be fun. The sport was developed in 1985 and gained much popularity throughout the 80s and early 90’s. Sadly for Wallyball, as racquet court sports slowly began moving out of most fitness clubs the sport of Wallyball also faded into obscurity. We have not forgotten, and so Wallyball at the Athletic Club of Overland Park is back! The club maintains the largest number of courts in the area, so it was perfect to kick-start the Wallyball comeback!

Wallyball at the Athletic Club means  fun for everyone, and leagues are forming now! Coed leagues (you must have 1 team player of the opposite sex) of 4 players needed. Membership is not required to play, and all the crazy fun begins Thursday June 13th and runs through July 25th .

Athletic Club Members $80.00 per team

Non-members $100.00 per team

Contact Laura Bollinger for more information on wallyball at the Athletic Club of Overland Park!