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of Overland Park
6 Feb 2018

Ways To Workout With Your Everyday Schedule

If it were a perfect world, we would be able to fit in a workout anytime we wanted. It’s easy to feel motivated with the idea of working out; we talk about running a marathon or doing a push up challenge but our schedules are too busy to follow through.  Luckily, there are some exercises that can be combined with everyday tasks. Sometimes all we need is a new thought or new idea to make lasting change.

It’s best to make small changes instead of trying to reinvent yourself overnight. You are most likely to stick with a exercise routine with small steps.  Sometimes we just have be creative in the ways we can fit a workout into our busy day.  Work can get in the way but there are ways around it.

Some ideas might include multitasking on the treadmill. You could even take a brisk walk while performing three sets of bicep curls, triceps extensions and shoulder presses to get an amazing upper body challenge. Or you could do lunges and squats while standing in the checkout line at the store…people may look at you silly but who cares!

While you are watching TV, do some push ups or some squats. You could also do some yoga or Pilates while listening to your favorite music or listening to a podcast. You could even commute by biking to work when it’s nice outside, or take a walk around your office on your lunch break.

Go ahead! Make a plan and see what happens. There are lots of ways to sneak an effective workout in even if it is 10 minutes! You can do it!