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The Athletic Club

of Overland Park
2 Aug 2013

Why It’s Great Missouri to Join the Athletic Club!

It’s never been easier in Missouri to join the Athletic Club of Overland Park! The Athletic Club of Overland Park is proud that it is able to welcome new members into our community every single day.

When you join the Athletic Club of Overland Park you are not just joining a gym. You are joining a community, a group of friends, and a family.

The Athletic Club’s Courtside Café is just one of the many areas of the club where members gather and spend quality time together. In this area of the club members develop strong relationships with the Athletic Club staff and with fellow members. On any given day stepping into the Courtside Café reveals members playing cards, eating a meal, or just enjoying a drink and each other’s company.

It’s great for members from Missouri to join as they also enjoy the thrills of playing on a sports league. There are several sports tournaments throughout the year at the Athletic Club (including the Summer Sizzler Shootout racquetball tournament coming up this August). However the Athletic Club of Overland Park also offers a plethora of more casual group sporting activities, like pick up games and intramural sports games.

Another fabulous reason for people from Missouri to join the club is our group fitness classes. Group fitness classes are a great way to bond with other members of the club and get your body into great shape!

Besides offering a family friendly place to hang out and get fit, the Athletic Club also provides fun events throughout the year. Our up and coming event is the Key Lime Party this Saturday August 3. Featuring great food, drinks, and activities the Key Lime Party is sure to bring club members of all ages together.

Wether looking for a place to relax, a place to have fun, or a place to get into the best shape of your life, the Athletic Club has it all. Our members value the great sense of community the Athletic Club provides, but it is impossible for them to value us as much as we value them!

We encourage all citizens from Missouri to join the Athletic Club and become a member of this life-changing community today!