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The Athletic Club

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women's overland park racquetball land squash
2 Feb 2016

Women’s Overland Park Racquetball & Squash

The Athletic Club is experiencing a pleasing growth in women’s competitive Overland Park racquetball and squash. Predictably, once the players find out they burn calories at an alarming rate while having great fun, it is an easy decision to become involved, most often in league play where all players are grouped into equivalent skill groups, where any given match can produce a different winner on any given day.

While other areas of a fitness center’s offerings are focused on maintaining health and fitness, both racquetball and squash help one reach the same fitness goals. But what separates both squash and racquetball from the other club fitness activities is that incredibly, both of these sports burn as many as 700 calories per hour! To put this into perspective one would have to run about a 7mph pace for an hour to equal an hour of either squash or racquetball!

The Athletic Club has a viable and popular program for reserving courts and grouping beginning women players into weekly leagues where each participant knows they will have a dedicated court to play a league match which may well take an hour to play. It’s a fun competitive hour in which one is hardly aware they are being heavily taxed physically.


Written by Larry Winn, Athletic Club Overland Park Racquetball Coach