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of Overland Park
15 Jun 2015

Workout Effectiveness from Kansas City Fitness Club

Sometimes we can feel like we are not getting the most out of our workouts. This could be for several reasons. Check out some tips for making your workouts effective from Kansas City Fitness Club, The Athletic Club of Overland Park. You can use these tips to help you create your own fitness routine that is effective while not being time-consuming.

  • Make a plan- If you want to make the most of your time while at the gym it is important to go in with a plan. Knowing exactly what you are going to do while help save you time and make your workout more effective. If you are not sure what exercises you should be doing, consider working with a personal trainer.
  • Limit your workouts- your workouts are most effective in about 30 minute increments. Going longer can cause you to have to lower the intensity of your workout, making it less effective. A good place to start is working out 5 days a week for 30 minutes.
  • Make it work for you- You want to limit your excuses for working out but you also want to work out at a time that works for you. If you try to work out in the early mornings and you are not a morning person, chances are you will not keep it up very long.
  • Keep socialization to a minimum- If you are under a time crunch try limit the amount of socialization you do with others. Socializing while working out can make you less productive.
  • Do it correctly- Be sure to use the correct form when exercising.

We hope these tips for effective workouts will be useful to you. Kansas City fitness club, The Athletic Club has everything you need to make your workouts effective! Stop by today and check out our facility or get connected to a personal trainer. We also have group fitness classes at times that will work with a variety of schedules.